Knutsford Circle (182): Newsletter – May/June 2022

President: John Long

Circle Meeting: In April there were 21 Knutsford brothers and 13 visitors in attendance and in May there were 18 Knutsford brothers and 3 visitors present.

Next meeting at Cottons Hotel (and on Zoom):  8:00 pm: 6 June, 2022 – First Monday of the Month (except Bank Holidays: Second Monday)

Anniversaries for May and June

Rest in Peace

May – Fred Birch., Eddie Dowling, Patrick Purtill, Stan Robinson

June – Lionel Gaskell, Jerry Sampey, Ken Shipley, Tony Steers

Enrolment Anniversaries

May – Edward Haughey (23yrs), Michael Diver (23yrs), John Shaw (22yrs), Felix Martin (4yrs)

June – Peter Pozzoni (51yrs), John Long (21yrs), Martin Relton (21yrs)


May – Richard Paley (2), John Shaw (4), James Flood (17), Peter Doran (21), Peter Pozzoni (26)

June – Jim Meagher (3), Michael Diver (17), Chris Jones (24)

Address from the President

The focus of my year as president is to grow the circle and make it a stronger force in our local catholic community (in province, in school and in church). I want to build greater awareness of us, build great relationships and hold many inclusive events.  

·       Province – I have been invited to a Provincial president ice breaker

·       School – Great to see the school so active at the May Day and at the mayor’s thanksgiving mass yesterday. Chris Jones will meet with Steve Graham to make a plan including School summer fair

·       Church – We will support the parish meeting on 26th (with usual casual drinks after) and we will help set up and run the Flower festival. Stuart has put a communication in the Church newsletter for the last few weeks.

·       President’s charity. I am looking to support a local charity who focus on counselling and wellbeing services for young people in Cheshire East who have challenges with their mental health. They are just drop in. Based in Macclesfield. We have raised £450 for them so far. Bro Stuart is riding the 64 miles of the Macclesfield Bikeathon on Saturday. Please sponsor and John will match up to £250. Ann Wright who runs the charity is coming to Knutsford next Friday to meet Ann and I and I have lined her up for an after circle presentation for our next meeting 6th June.


Recollection at Thornycroft Hall – 6th April

Seven brothers from Knutsford and one from Ringway attended the recollection organised at beautiful Thornycroft Hall.  After a nice walk in the gardens, the recollection began with an excellent buffet lunch in the dining room followed by two meditations in the chapel preached by Father Michael Lowenthal on the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. It ended with Benediction and there was opportunity for confession. The recollection offered both time for personal prayer and for warm fraternity. Everyone enjoyed it as shown in the photo below and we’re looking forward to the next one.

St. George’s Night at Lost and Found – 22 April

The St George’s night dinner went very well with good attendance, and it made a small profit.  I have received several thank-you notes and I express my thanks to everyone who helped make the event such a success.  The event raised £450 for the President’s Charity and £450 for support to Ukraine – this included a significant contribution from the auction of a bottle of wine provided by Bill Gore.

Beer Festival at Sessions House – 28 April

As shown on the photo, members and friends joined an enjoyable evening of beer tasting and some nice food in the garden.  There was an impressive array of beers to choose from and a convivial crowd resulting in a happy and memorable evening.  

Charitable Donations – Stuart’s bike challenge

On 14th May Stuart Jones took part in Macclesfield Bikeathon.  This was at John Long’s specific request (Stuart couldn’t work out a way of politely refusing) as the event is in support of the ‘Just Drop In’ charity which the President is supporting this year.

After paying his registration fee Stuart was committed to cycling 64 miles (102km) – starting at Macclesfield Town Hall and wending through the quiet roads around Macclesfield, Siddington, Mobberley and Knutsford.  Fortunately the weather was good on the day itself with plenty of sun, but with a little too much wind.

Stuart successfully completed the event in just over 4 hours and was the lucky recipient of a white tee shirt for his troubles.  He then had to cycle back home to Knutsford.

In total (so far) we raised over £650 for the President’s charity – this includes a contribution of £250 from the president’s company.

Forthcoming Events

·         Sessions drinks Thursday preceded by parish meeting on 26 May 8 pm
·         School fete (Festival on the Field) on 9 July, 12-5 pm
·         Tatton Park walk on 18 July, 10.30 am
·         Children’s Make your own pizza (Sessions House) – tbc

Events around the Province


8 Ringway Ladies After Dinner, Davenport GC, 7.30pm. 

14 Sam’s luncheon club, Belmore hotel, Brooklands Road, Sale 

22 Crewe Circle Charter Meeting, 6.30pm, followed by dinner with ladies, 7.30pm. Vale Royal Abbey, Whitegate, Northwich. 

23 Macclesfield Ladies After Dinner, Masonic Hall 7.30pm 


6 Provincial Convention & AGM, Dinner, Ringway GC, 6.30 for 7pm. Past Provincial President, John Sutton, will give the keynote address reflecting on his year in office, 2021-22, and on the status of the Association in our province. Support from Knutsford brothers would be appreciated. Bookings via the Circle Secretary or Provincial Councillor. 

Visits to other Circles

Brothers are encouraged to visit other Circles meetings and support their events.  

John Sutton planned visits to Ashton (May 24), Sam’s luncheon club (June 14), Brookland’s (June 16) Crewe (June 22).  

Note, there is now a Province 17 web site that provides links to Circles and information on upcoming events around the province. The Catenian Association Province 17 ( 

Keep Connected

Use your Circle web-site:

Keep up-to-date with circle events, news and chat – join the Circle WhatsApp Group. Email your name and mobile number to  You will need to have WhatsApp installed on your mobile phone.

The Provincial Calendar tells you about meetings and events across the province.  Contact the Secretary or John Sutton to get access.

The National Catenian web-site is at  To login to the Members Area: Username – ‘Members’; password – Prayers*0819

Catena Magazine: The on-line edition:’. The login name is your own regular email address.

Reflection Corner – Pope Francis: Our society is always in a hurry. The elderly help us slow down.

Old age certainly imposes a slower pace: But they are not merely times of inertia. Indeed, the measure of these rhythms opens up, for all, spaces of meaning of life unknown to the obsession with speed. Losing contact with the slower rhythms of old age closes up these spaces to everyone. It is from this perspective that I wished to establish the feast of grandparents, on the last Sunday of July. The alliance between the two extreme generations of life—children and the elderly—also helps the other two—young people and adults—to bond with each other so as to make everyone’s existence richer in humanity.

There is a need for dialogue between the generations: If there is no dialogue between young people and the elderly, if there is no dialogue, each generation remains isolated and cannot transmit the message. Think: A young person who is not bonded to his or her roots, which are the grandparents, does not receive the strength, like the tree, the strength of the roots, and grows up badly, grows up ailing, grows up without points of reference. Therefore, it is necessary to seek, as a human need, dialogue between generations. And this dialogue is important between grandparents and grandchildren, who are the two extremes.